How to Pick the Perfect Plate for Your Food Photos: Five Tips from a Prop Stylist

Best Plate for Food Photography | Food Photography Blog

A note from Christina:  Those of you that read this blog have heard me talk about my good friend and prop stylist, Amy Paliwoda.  Amy is also the owner of The Surface Library, (this is not a sponsored post) where you can rent all kinds of beautiful props and backgrounds for your shoots.  Amy's post is in response to a poll I did on the blog asking what kind of info you would like me to write about.  The top two answers were about photo backgrounds and props.  I figured, what better person to write posts on picking the perfect plate, but Amy Paliwoda! So Amy, take it away! Recently, Christina asked me to do a guest post about props. We teach an awesome, and fun food photography class together several times a year.  One of the things that people ask the ...

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Motion Blurred Images | Food Photography Blog

Why Are My Images Out of Focus???

Look familiar?  Happens all the time.  You take a bunch of shots, they look great on your tiny, tiny, camera LCD, get home, download the images, and whammo, a ton of images out of ...

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