I'm Christina Peters

Award winning photographer of 29 years, speaker, best selling author, photo business coach, online educator and blogger.

I help foodies and photographers improve their food photography and get higher paying clients. I’m available to speak to your audience either virtually or in-person.


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Who Is Christina?

I’ve been obsessed with how to create beautiful images since I was 8 years old, have two photography degrees and I crave crab cakes daily!

I love speaking, teaching and consulting with other creatives to help them improve their photography and/or get much higher paying clients.

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Why Work With Me?

25 years teaching

I’ve been a substitute teacher and guest lecturer on photography for two colleges in the Los Angeles area as well as a panel lecturer for the American Photography Association for several years along with my own workshops and programs.

I know photography

I have been shooting since I was 8 years old and haven’t stopped since then. After I got my second photography degree, it did take me a while to find my true love of food photography so I will often talk about that in my presentations.

we'll have fun!

There’s nothing worse than a boring presentation, workshop leader, or speaker. I’m a goofball at heart, but I can read the audience and know when to bust out a joke, or get right down to the point while still making things fun and interesting.

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Here's How I Help Your Audience

Christina on stage

Why I’m different. I don’t have preset, scripted talks or, “Signature Programs” to pick from that I say to your audience. I’ve been teaching and speaking more than 25 years and I love creating new content for your audience that can educate them, entertain them, AND get them motivated to move forward with their photography journey.

Outside of running my own workshops, I love going to conferences, attending virtual conferences (hello Covid), and attending master mind events. Over the years I’ve seen the same speakers at various events who are giving the SAME exact talk or presentation over and over.

I don’t do that. Yes, I will, of course, speak of the concepts that I am known for but I will create a new talk (and/or presentation with new visuals) with those concepts for your audience to keep things interesting for myself AND your audience so even if your they saw me speaking before, they will want to hear what I have to say again. I actually get told this all the time after I speak at events.

Sample Programs:



These talks are for beginner audiences who are just starting out with their food photography. I’m really good at taking something technical and breaking it down so it is easy to understand. These could be general discussions about cameras and lenses, some simple natural lighting techniques, or the basics of food photography, etc.



These discussions are for intermediate audiences who have been shooting for a while and are now tired of chasing the sun all over their house. They are ready to get serious about their food photography and start learning artificial light. I usually talk about lighting equipment and then show a few very easy simple lighting setups they can do at home.

If your audience is more advanced, we can certainly talk about using strobes for their photography. If they are new to artificial lights, I can talk about constant light sources.


Christina teaching at conference


These discussions are for those who are sick and tired of working for free, for very little money or getting paid a bag of potatoes for an entire photo shoot. These talks are all about HOW to find and get higher paying clients that will pay a 4-figure day rate for food photography – these are the types of clients I’ve been shooting for during my career – the ad agencies or bigger brand type of clients. There are plenty of clients that respect photographers – the trick is learning how to find them and learning what’s involved with working with those kinds of clients. 



I’ve worked with many companies all over the US who I’ve created a custom food photography program for them. These have ranged from a one or two hour zoom call, all the way up to a three day in-person, hands on workshop event where I come to your facility and we do a fully structured food photography program.

After my fully structured programs, your audience will know how to set up, light, photograph and edit food beautifully.

Video Clips

Here are just a few clips of me teaching a workshop and also showing you how I do a lot of my virtual presentations. You can find each chapter with the dots on the player bar or click on the three lines next to the cog to pull them up as well.

Chapter 1: Christina ad libbing with questions before teaching in a workshop
Chapter 2: Christina doing a live equipment demo
Chapter 3: One of the ways Christina does a virtual presentation

Contact Me:

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My Businesses:


I’ve been a commercial photographer for 29 years now. The first 10 years of my career I shot everything – then as soon as I focused on food photography with advertising work, that’s when my career took off.


I started blogging in 2010 because I was getting so many emails asking me how I created my food photography. I needed one place to send everyone so I wasn’t repeating the same things over and over.


I started doing in-person workshops in 2011 and sold out every class. Problem is, my studio could only hold about 16 students max. So I needed a virtual way of doing my workshops and the Club was born.

Christina's Speaker One Sheet

If you would like my Speaker One Sheet, please click the image to the left, or the button below to bring up a PDF that you can download directly (no optin required).

Previous Speaking Engagements


Jason Logsdon

Jason from Makin' Bacon & ISVA Conference

To me, Christina is the perfect guest. She’s an expert in her field, she’s great at articulating her point and clearly conveying information, and her upbeat personality makes her a joy to work with. Whether online or in person, I’ve never left a conversation with her without learning something new and important.

Joe Edelman

Joe Edelman from The last frame live

Christina Peters is the perfect guest! She has decades of experience at the top of her field, having worked with major brands and publications. She knows her stuff and shares it freely in a concise and understandable manner that helps new photographers understand the opportunities and work involved in finding success as a food photographer.

Reach Out:

I’d love to discuss how I can help you and your audience. Please reach out to me below.

Christina Peters Photography
Food Photography Blog
Food Photography Club
Los Angeles & Mid Atlantic
cp @ christinapeters.com

If we decide to work together, I will send you to my Speaker Hub (library of content) that contains my headshots, bios, photography samples, logos, introduction suggestions, etc. 


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